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According to SUN, the Chinese Military General, Strategist, Philosopher and Writer…. “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” Again the former Minister of Sports, SUNDAY DARE once said that
“A single visionary blessed with a courage equal to his vision is ultimately more powerful than a vast multitude that is devoid of sight, courage and sound counsel”
Governor Hope Uzodimma, a personification of integrity, patriotism, performance and decency, was sworn-in for a second term in office on 15th January 2024 with his deputy Lady Chinyere Ihuoma Ekomaru.

Never in the history of our dear Imo state has a single candidate won in all the 27 Local Government Areas in the Governorship Election except in the reelection of Hope Uzodinma.This epochal feat no doubt is because of his impeccable and huge track records of monumental achievements, remarkable service delivery and novel initiatives across a broad spectrum of sectors as doggedly implemented by his lieutenants like Ralph Nwosu, Rubby Emele,Declan Emelumba, Cosmas Iwu ,Chibuzor Umunnakwe,Linus Okafor etc.just to mention a few.

As the primary architect of modern Imo State who has got the most widespread endorsement to govern the State for a record second term, Governor Uzodimma has earned the historic verdict as a true and committed democrat. At moments when the political firmament was unpredictable, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma cast his progressive message and attracted the huge majority and committed people into his progressive and democratic cause to take Imo state to the next level of development.

Indeed anytime the history of this political era in Imo state and Nigeria is written, it will be said that there was one man who was sure footed and who stood firm for good .No wonder, President Ahmed Bola Tinubu during the colourful swearing in ceremony, lauded Governor Hope Uzodimma for living up to the people’s expectations and equally expressed his believe and confidence that Uzodimma will build on these feats in his second term, while urging the people of the State to support and cooperate with his administration.As an adroit and altruistic administrator, whose heart is fixed on the people and their welfare.It may not be a surprise that the Governor is taking his time to reconstitute his cabinet to ensure that nothing of benefit to the people no matter how small is lost or missed out in what is expected to be most formidable team for a second term.Where he has already set a taller order of greater achievements for himself and the incoming cabinet.

The Connectivity of empathy between a leader and the led and ability to communicate are essential attributes of a good leader. Governor Hope Uzodimma possesses these desirable qualities in abundance with the ways and manner he has connected with Imolites.Some of the best leadership and management attributes of a good leader are that he must have clear vision, foresight, hindsight, insight and be able to communicate that vision clearly and concisely to the people without leaving anyone in doubt about the ability to provide direction.These are what we see in the leadership of Governor Hope Uzodinma.

Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma has not failed in telling Imolites about the true position of things in the State.As critical stakeholders have unanimously commended Governor Hope Uzodimma on different occasions for being a courageous leader who possesses, among other gifts, an uncanny ability, mental capacity, impeccable sense of duty, honour, competence and result orientation to deliver expected democratic dividends.Having first assumed the leadership of Imo State, at a time of great economic difficulties marked by very high socio-political tension. Governor Uzodimma in the midst of raging storms, inherited legacy problems, including multi-dimensional poverty, angst and general state of despair but has displayed unparalleled and intense tenacity to rise above adversity and capture glorious moments from a zero level to hero status. He is a man of fiery and transcendent intellect, supremely confident and self-assured.In all Imo is the good hands of a Governor and leader that has not betrayed trust even in the midst of overwhelming challenges.

Therefore As Governor Hope Uzodinma constitutes his cabinet for a glorious second term may God grant him the wisdom and enablement to make the best choices that would serve Imo State and the people with best of intentions.

Dr.Joseph Aniemeka Nwachukwu/INI.


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