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Insecurity is an agelong phenomenon. Right from the garden of Eden in the Holy Bible, man felt insecure and hid himself from God. Not that God could not secure him ,rather man subjected himself to disobedience, which thus, created a vacuum of being insecure in his life. That was as a result of his disobedience to God. An Igbo adage says : Onu Mmadu Bu Onu Chukwu. This means that the voice of man is the voice of God. If the good instructions and guidance of men are not heeded to a choice of insecurity has been made.
According to The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of contemporary English INSECURITY is a state of not feeling confident about one’s affairs with others. Others see it as a state of feeling of fear and anxiety. Lack of safety of lives and property entrusted into one’s care at all times by means of prevention, protection and preservation. From these definitions insecurity can be perceived as a state of fear and uncertainty. This manifest itself in various manners and forms. That is why everyday most Nigerians see it as a daily routine to first preview each day’s outlook before going about the day’s task as anyone that denies self of the knowledge of the security situation may become victim of it because of ignorance. The poor and the rich and indeed everyone is affected.
The high and mighty have their stories to tell. The helpless and hapless masses also face even uncountable worse scenarios. The worst sense of insecurity is the killings and massacres of uniformed security agents and operatives of the Government by non state actors as we see these days.
The root causes of insecurity are many but the immediate causes are unemployment, poor home training and lack of morals.
Joblessness turns poorly trained youths into idle minds who become tools in the hands of the devil. It seems the more our poorly equipped schools turn out school leavers and graduates we have more hands of able bodied hungry and angry youths waiting to be used by many opportunists who cash in on the idleness of the youths and inability of the Parents, guardians and Government to provide, engage and plan for the youths.

Therefore government at all levels should begin to have aggressive youth development planning and regular empowerment of the youths.These crucial aspects of development may have been neglected for too long hence the huge burden of insecurity as the painful consequence.Both the graduates and school leavers should be engaged in meaningful ventures.Those who can not be formally employed should be enabled to learn trades and acquire meaningful skills to stand on their own. Local governments in particular should have skills acquisition centres in their premises where youths would be trained in one skill or the other.
Agriculture should be made attractive for the youths.
Again, good spirited individuals and philanthropists should at intervals, help in the training and empowerment of the youths.
Like Jesus Christ did during his time ministers and church leaders should ensure that their members care for the welfare of others particularly young people.Churches can also assist the Government to provide skills acquisition centres to ensure that their members are equipped with society’s relevant skills.
Job security begets societal security therefore everyone should help to TAMING THE WAVE OF INSECURITY IN THE LAND.



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