History of IBC


The Eastern Heartland, Imo state was created from the defunct East-Central state in 1976 and Imo Broadcasting Service (IBS) was established by edict No. 15 of 1976. The administrative headquarters was temporarily cited at Ajoku street, Owerri from where it was moved to the Government Trade Center and later on to Egbu Road, with the Transmitter located in Orji.

The IBS was at that time an AM station, transmitting on channel 721 kilohertz on the medium wave band. In March 2008, IBC was moved from Egbu road to its present location in the heart of Owerri on Achike Udenwa Avenue, New Owerri.

IBS was a single channel station until the TV arm, Imo television (ITV) channel 59 was established by law No 23 of 1981 and was located on the same premises with the radio station. There was a merger in 1984, of the radio and TV channel which gave rise to the Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) with Elder Anyim Ude as the first Director General of the new IBC. In 2019, the Radio channel was renamed Orient 94.5FM


The IBC is saddled with the responsibility of providing quality news broadcast, interesting and educative programmes while beaming to the world, content that tells our story, projecting our culture and tradition through our different content on Radio and TV